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FREE Ebook Today Only 2/14/15 ~ Got Kids, Get this Book!

Just a reminder that the FREE book offer expires today, Valentine’s Day, eastern standard time.

If you have kids and you want them to think organizationally than this is the book for you.  Stories, tips, mantras and activities to support 15 skill sets necessary for developing organizational skills.



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AAU? Travel? Elite Team?… what to ask before you register!

577139_577490765594258_1021260582_nBefore you sign your child up for that “elite”, “travel”, or “AAU” team, make sure that you ask the right questions up front to help clarify if this team is a good match for your child.

Don’t let prestige or money determine where your child plays, because the reality is, if you are not careful your child may not play at all.  Specialized programs are not governed by the same “rules” that you may be used to from your local recreation program.  While most programs strive to provide an excellent sport opportunity for their participants, there are enough “money makers” and “elitist” programs that should give every parent pause.

Below is a list of some very important questions you should ask program directors and/or coaches before you register your child.

* Does the program ask appropriate medical and emergency information?  tennis

* What is the team policy on playing time?

* What is the coach to player ratio?

* Make sure you are clear on practice/game times and schedules.

* What is the refund policy if the child is injured or unable to play?

* Does the program fee cover all expenses including travel, uniforms, tournament fees?

* Will this team be playing similarly skilled opponents or are they playing in a different age group?

* What is the coach’s preferred method of communication with parents?

* For High School level teams will there be scouting, film or other evaluation opportunities?

MP900387452[1]Last but not least, do not hesitate to question the coach’s credentials.  Qualified coaches will eagerly offer their playing experience, coaching experience, education/professional development and certifications for coaching.

As I stated earlier, most programs are run with integrity and care for their athletes.  It doesn’t hurt however to communicate in detail up front so that everyone has the same expectations for the season.  If for some reason, something doesn’t feel quite right, don’t be afraid to say “No” and move on to the next program.

My car should have a refrigerator! (and other car organization tips)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen my kids were younger all I wanted was for someone to remove the front seat of my mini-van and replace it with a small refrigerator.  How much time and money would that save?  Let’s face it, as soon as you start driving somewhere, your kids are either hungry or need to go to the bathroom!  (And no, I don’t want a toilet installed.)

How do I keep my car clean? (I get this question often at workshops…I always have to restrain myself from saying “stay home”.)

This is a plastic tote that is a simple, inexpensive  way to keep your car clean and organized.  It is easy to take out and move when another grown-up joins you in the car.  It is also solid plastic and therefore washable with a garden hose!

For any car organizer you buy make sure that it is secure in the car (notice my seatbelt running through the handle).  In an accident, any loose item in a car could become a deadly projectile.

A great time to clean the car is anytime you are waiting to pick up your kids.  Put your phone down and take a quick look under the seats for a great collection of goldfish, wrappers and empty juice boxes.  Another great time is if you are waiting for someone to pump your gas.  If you empty the cup holders, trash etc… there is a trash can right next to your car – how convenient.

A quick, albeit incomplete list of items to store in your car: spare diaper bag, change of clothes, pair of socks, flip flops, tissues, advil, feminine products, baggies, case of water, dog leash, plastic silverware and plates, roll of paper towels and especially a box of tissues (damn if we couldn’t find a clean tissue the other day – I had to use the tissue that came in my son’s new sneakers to blow my nose!)

What great tips do you have to keep your travels organized?  What unique items do you keep in your car? Please comment below!

This post speaks for itself….

My new license plate cover...

My new license plate cover…

Can you relate?  Click here to see more kid sport funnies…..

Spin the Bottle….(i mean map!)

images (4) The Kids are Home, the Kids are Home…Spring Vacation in New England!

Here is a fun, simple game I have played with my kids for years, when we cannot think of anything to do! Get out a map of your town, state, local area and place on a table. Have your child close their eyes. Spin the map and have your child drop their finger to stop the spin. That is your new destination. If you have multiple children you can vote, fight, or debate the options after each one tries (good luck letting only one of them do it). In the meantime, take the opportunity to show your kids the different elements of a map and how to read it (bonus education points).

You can set parameters prior to the spin – we are only doing an outdoor activity, we have to stay in a 50 mile radius, we can only spend $20, it has to be somewhere we have never been, location has to be pet friendly…. you get the idea.

Don’t have a map? No problem, go to google images and type in “map of _____” you can get an image of anywhere in the world down to streets in your town. In less time than it takes to find a map, you are good to go. Even better, download the map to a tablet and spin the tablet (parental discretion is advised).  Have Fun!

THIS is sports

Heart warming….

High Heels & Hail Marys

This is Jack.  Jack has brain cancer, and he has been battling it for a very long time.  This is the Nebraska Huskers and their opponents giving him a moment that he, otherwise, may never have.  THIS is sports!

After our last post, we thought, it could be easy for people to write off people who love sports or participate in sports as raging egos who simply want to dominate.  While that may be true for a small segment of the sports industry, we would like to recognize the selfless act that was performed by athletes on both sides of this game.  THIS is sports, and it is beautiful.

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The thrill of the “LIKE”


As I sit here with my son, (aka Marketing and IT Director) we successfully launched my new blog and linked it to my facebook account (not as simple as it may sound).  Relatively quickly thereafter, someone clicked the LIKE button and I couldn’t help but shout “they LIKE me, someone actually LIKES me, they read what I wrote and they LIKED it”.  I would like to say that I write this tongue in cheek but the reality is I am thrilled to be LIKED!  Next perhaps a comment?