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LB_crooked_lisa_275Here’s a  sneak peek at the
“About Lisa” page!

Please see below for a formal biography for publication and my educational credentials.  The more important things to know about me are (in no particular order):

I love my family and most importantly my kids…they are the reason I try to live better… always.

In the world of cats and dogs ~ I choose dog every time!

I am a sucker for a flash mob, touching videos, hallmark commercials and great inspirational quotes.

I am an avid, aging, athlete however I still love everything about sports.

I am happiest when I am busy and juggling many things.

I am a DIY home improvement enthusiast and wannabe gardener.

I despise just about everything to do with cooking, especially because people eat all of my hard work.

My sense of humor is my best attribute and I especially love to laugh so hard I cry.  (Practical jokes are my forte!)

I love writing and actually really enjoy public speaking. (Writing a book is harder than I anticipated!)

I LOVE to travel … around the world and down the street!

I love to meet people through my work, website and facebook… so Hello!


Speaker’s profile and Education

(short biography and information may be used for publication)

Lisa Bates holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, teaching certification and a degree in Business Administration.  From school administrator and non-profit executive, to teacher, counselor and Mom, Lisa has extensive experience, knowledge and training  in the education field working with children from cradle to college.

Currently, Lisa owns and operates LB Living Better an organizing and educational services business.  She is an active blogger and writes for several parenting resources.  Her first book, Barbies in the Horse Bin,Raising an Organized Child” is due out in 2014.

Lisa is a seasoned, energizing, humorous, workshop presenter with extensive experience.  As a mother of three teenagers, she is active in many youth sport organizations and the arts, as well as serves on numerous local boards and committees.


M.A. Counseling Psychology, Boston College

**Additional coursework to obtain teacher certification

B.S. Business Administration, Providence College

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