My kids will hate that I have included a picture!

In A Nutshell:  It is always a good thing when your initials fall in perfectly with your philosophy of life. Welcome to LB Living Better. I am LB, Lisa Bates and this is a blog of  living better musings, dilemmas, quotes, stories, tips, videos and more. Living Better, it’s a simple thing to ask of yourself everyday ~ Am I Living Better today?  Of course the definition of living better is entirely up to you, some days are profound and others well, that’s why we have tomorrows.   I hope you are living better from visiting here.  Enjoy.

A Little Bit About Me:    The majority of my writing  is on family and children, because that is what I know. I have never had a job that has not involved working with children ~ from cradle to college.  From overseeing a three site child care center, to working as an associate in the dean’s office of a large university, and all points in between.  Additional titles I have held include, teacher, counselor, dean, coach and most importantly mother. I am the proud parent of  three teenagers, a daughter and twin boys. When all is said and done, I try to live better for my family, because it is the one job that matters the most.   (To read more about me , my work and official credentials, please click over to my website!)

Living Better through Youth Sports?  Yes, yes you can!  A sports enthusiast and aging athlete myself, teaching children to “love the game” is a lifelong OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApassion of mine.  Blog posts on the menu under “The Very Best of Youth Sports”.   Join me on my new Facebook page, a labor of love, fun and inspiration as our children learn to love the game.  Want a quick laugh, silly sports meme or inspirational video follow us here at: The Very Best of Youth Sports

Barbies in the Horse Bin ~Living Better with Organized Children

And the book, nearing its completion, you can read excerpts, receive tips and ideas and receive early notification of publication specials.   Register your email at www.lblivingbetter.com   (Each new email registrant receives free, hand-drawn, organizing labels for your children.)

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We love to hear from you and share!  So please, join us by following the links below.   Your comments, suggestions, opinions  and most importantly your humor are most welcome.

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Thank you for stopping by ~ how are you living better today?


8 responses to “About

  1. I have nominated you for the sisterhood of the world blogger award. You do not have to accept it. All I really wanted to do was to put a link on my site to yours so others may find you and enjoy your writing as much as I have .http://mythoughtsonapage.com/

  2. Morning Lisa, I am Cecilia, a fellow contributor on parents space,( though I have been a bit quiet lately.) I found your site on The Parents Space list and am thrilled to be able to find out a little more about you and to introduce myself.. your site is great, up beat and down to earth .. love it! .. have a wonderful day.. celi

  3. Hi Lisa! Just stopping by from the SITS tribe, and wanted to say hi and best of luck on the train tour… look forward to updates and pics from your trip! I had three that were teenagers at the same time as well, and you do survive! :0) ENJOY!

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