Series of Letters. Letter 11.

If my blog post is featured on a blog in Ireland ~ does that now make me an international writer? 🙂 Such a nice treat for a blizzard day here in New England. This letter to a Coach remains one of my favorite pieces over a decade later. Thank you to My thoughts on a page for posting!

My thoughts on a page.

Todays letter is one which I am sure many of us would agree with.
It’s writer blogs at Lb Living better.

Dear Coach… Sincerely, Every Parent

Dear Coach,521974_517023424987067_745421541_n
Here is my child, a player for your team. This is difficult for me because I am entrusting you with a child I love more than life itself. It seems silly that a volunteer with 8 games and 6 practices can shape my child’s life, but it’s true. So coach, there are a few things I wanted you to know and that I hoped you would share with my child.

Teach my child to win gracefully, but more importantly teach my child to lose with even greater dignity.

Know that my child takes what you say to heart so please choose your words carefully and tread lightly.

School is hard for my child and life hasn’t been so easy lately. This sport…

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