Dear Mom at the Bus Stop – Please Put Down Your Phone!

august 08 - boys bday 09 new camera 017This post has been building for months… perhaps longer.

I see you Mom almost every day. You are at the bus stop with your daughter, she looks to be about five or six. She is cute as a button. We must be on the same schedule because I see the two of you nearly every day, waiting for the school bus as I drive by.

What I also see is your phone, it’s at your ear, every day. I don’t mean once in a while, I do mean every day. I have watched since September and it is now February (however creepy that may sound) but day after day of seeing the same thing, you do begin to notice in more and more detail.

I have noticed your child trying to get your attention, sometimes it has been by pulling your pant leg and you dismiss her by pushing off her hand.

She has held up papers to which you have nodded, but you didn’t actually see them.

That leaf pile she made on the sidewalk, she was calling your name to watch her jump. She jumped, you didn’t see her, she kicked the leaves away.

I wonder who could be so much more important on your phone, I wonder who could not wait just a few minutes while you see your daughter off to school.

I have seen you go through the motions,  you hug your daughter before she climbs the bus steps, but you did not put down your phone.

Today, was the clincher, your daughter looked sad. She did not try to get your attention, she kept her head down and kicked at the ice with her boot. You were talking on your phone.

You will not see this precious little being for another eight hours, might you give her your full and undivided attention for the short few minutes before she leaves your side for the day?  It’s just the two of you, one on one for a few moments of another busy day, in our busy lives.

So very soon, dear Mom, your baby girl will be leaving your side for good. Don’t miss these small yet very significant moments to let her know that she is the most important person that you will see all day.

Today, I write to you, from your child. It would seem that she has given up, she is resigned to the fact that you would rather be talking to someone else than to her. I know that cannot be true.

Dear mom at the bus stop ~ please put down your phone.


15 responses to “Dear Mom at the Bus Stop – Please Put Down Your Phone!

  1. Thank you for this wonderful reminder! Yes, our kids grow up so fast and they do indeed spell LOVE, T-I-M-E!

  2. Aw. I admit I am on my phone when we’re waiting but not all the time. My daughter is very forceful so she’ll just remove my phone for me. Or she’ll shout, “PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY PLEASE!” And so I will.

    • too funny… I think we are all guilty from time to time, its just a matter of awareness… or in your case your daughter making you aware…that’s great! I have seriously watched this mother/daughter for so long and I just want to pull the car over and tell her… or hand her a copy of this blog… both I suspect could get me in a wee bit of trouble!

  3. ok, it worked that time!
    So, I think this is so sad! I am not a phone talker. There is nobody that I talk to daily, let alone that early! Poor little girl. Maybe the mom has social anxiety and doesn’t want to look available to people? I wonder what you could do to let her know her child’s life is passing her by? I’ll be thinking of this allll day!!

  4. Thought provoking – thankyou

  5. Right on. Kids go from ABCs to SATs in a flash. Smartphones and tablets, though tempting, have to take a backseat. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Its easy to get wrapped up in the world, and miss what is right in front of us. Your post was a great reminder. I know I am guilty more often than I like, but I try to remember this every time I hear that excitement in my kids voices, especially now as teenagers! They really won’t be with me for long…

  7. Very important message–thanks for sharing.

  8. I agree – when we multitask we often give the impression that things are more important than people. Or in this case, that someone else is more important than this young kid. (I’ve written a number of posts on the “emotional cost” of multitasking – and try to be aware in my own life!
    However, on the other hand, we don’t know WHO the mother is speaking to. Maybe she has a relative in the hospital and this is the only time she can talk to the staff. Or possibly, her husband is working in another time zone, and this is the small window of time they have to connect based on the difference in time zones. It’s often tough to know what’s going on . . .

  9. bsymommonologues

    Lovely post! If parents can understand how important is to pay attention to their children. Thank you for this! Commenting from Blog Formatting Weekend

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