How to Plan a Cross Country Train Trip…

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Family Planning Meeting #1  (a.k.a. controlled bickering)

“Is everyone on board for this trip?”, asks Mom, ” I am not planning this trip alone.” (pun intended) My request for the  family to come together and sit down for a minute sounded something like this, but if I were to watch an actual recording of what transpired,  it may have had more of an air of frustration from me with some attitude thrown in by the kids.  I was greeted by my teenagers with groans, eye rolls and of course the statement “what do we have to plan, just get on the train and go?”.

Make no  mistake, this is a real blog about a real family going on a real adventure of a lifetime.  In our family, as I am sure is true in many families, I (the Mom) am the household planner, holder of all schedules, appointments and lists of who needs to be…

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