I write the blog that no one reads…(sung to Barry Manilow’s I write the songs)

Do you ever feel like you write and write with absolutely no certainty that anyone is actually reading any of it?  As I skimmed my latest “stats” I began singing the song “I write the blog that no one reads…” When my son asked me if that is an actual song, I googled the following for those of you who are too young to remember Mr. Manilow’s big hit!

http://youtu.be/0VH2SVes0E8untitled (15)

After playing the song for him, I reworked the lyrics to fit my blog writing to date!  I hope you enjoy my new song and if you read this, then let me know, perhaps I will be able to sing a different tune in 2014!

I Write the Blog Lyrics:
I’ve been writing for a year,
And I wrote my very first blog.
I hit publish and waited anxiously
I am writer
And I write a blog.

I write the blog that no one reads,
I write the blog of spammers and money schemes.
I write the blogs with stats that make me cry,
I write a blog, I write a blog….

Sing it with me now and if you are singing, consider giving me a Like or a Comment so I know I’m not singing alone!

Cheers! Happy 2014  and I hope you are writing the blog that everyone reads!


16 responses to “I write the blog that no one reads…(sung to Barry Manilow’s I write the songs)

  1. Haha, I love this.
    And yes, I often feel like this *howls at moon*

  2. I’m reading. Hello! It can be difficult to write when you feel that way, so just letting you know us readers are here.

  3. A malady we have all suffered from. Take heart, you are not alone.

  4. I feel ya, sister. And now when I check my stats and hear crickets, I’ll start humming your song! Lol

  5. LOL!! Love this! And I happen to like that song so this makes it even funnier. And yes, I can totally relate to feeling like no one reads my blog.

    Stopping by via SITS.

  6. Ha. Yes, I do feel this way sometimes. I’m all, “Did I piss someone off? Hello?”

  7. This is totally awesome. We definitely feel you on this one…thank you for the laugh! :)-Ashley

  8. I feel like this a lot!

  9. Ha ha. I had a giggle about this one. Yes I feel exactly the same at the moment. I had more peeps liking my wordpress.com blog than I do with my self-hosted one so haven’t quite worked that one out yet!! That’s why I joined the challenge with the SITS girls – to at least know there was more than one person reading my blogs (and hopefully making a comment.) Looking forward to getting to know you better through this challenge and beyond.

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