Labor Day is My New Year’s Eve!

untitled (12)Is it the teacher in me?  Too many years of schooling? Or does everyone feel this way on Labor Day?  Labor Day for me is like New Year’s Eve, time for resolutions, time for change, time to begin anew.

I have gotten more done this weekend than I have for the entire summer.  Okay, truth be told it was also probably the wettest most humid weekend of the entire summer, so outdoor activities were non-existent.  I do find however the end of summer and the start of the school year to be entirely rejuvenating.

In addition to packing new supplies in the backpacks, fresh clean haircuts, new outfits IMAG0731chosen, healthy snacks purchased, summer reading/projects being finished, making pesto with the summer basil, resetting calendars and plugging in school commitments, I am very proud to announce the completion of my new website and blog!

Thanks to my terrific IT and Marketing Director, my son, Jake, we met our summer goal of completing the daunting project of my website with its own blog page.  I now know more about wordpress, widgets, sliders, plugins and even CSS code than I ever imagined.  What is most remarkable, however, is I learned almost all of it from a 13 year 52 to do logoold!

So this Labor Day we say goodbye to summer and hello to all the new that the school year will bring.  I am on my own now with my website, but excited to get back to writing and visiting with all of my blog friends.  Please visit and let me know what you think.  And be sure to check out my new weekly blog “52 To Do”.


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