How do you yell at yourself?

all pictures new camera up to May 2009 058While I see glimpses of myself in all of my children… I have one who is the epitome of all the stupid, not funny, ridiculous things that I ever did or said while growing up.  He is me.

Like the “cobbler’s children having no shoes”, it is even more embarrassing as a parent to also be an educator when the principal calls.  And, not just me, my husband, my mother, my grandfather, his grandfather… I think you get the picture, a family chalk full of educators.

Seventh grade has been a very long year in my house, with all the antics that twin seventh grade boys can bring.  Our school year has 12 more days, yet we couldn’t make it without receiving a detention for excessive laughing during a presentation. Apparently the culprit to the giggle fit was a “pet rock”.  I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.

Last month, I chaperoned a band trip to another school.  While waiting in the field before entering the competition gym, I noticed a tether ball hanging by its pole, just begging to be whacked.  Not two minutes later, my son bursts out of the group to run over and whack the ball.  Of course, being him, the Band Director had just turned around to see my son’s instrument in the grass and the ball careening through the air.  Once reprimanded, my son returned to the group.

I was left thinking, “he is just so me”.  I wanted to whack the tether ball and seriously contemplated doing so.  I guess it is the 30 plus years I have on his maturity that stopped me before taking such action.

His explanation for the detention was a “laughing fit that I just couldn’t stop”….”just like being in church and you can’t hold it in”.  I know that feeling and it is personally one of my favorites, laughing so hard you cry ~ now that’s a good time.

So when I sit down to parent my son, I feel as though I am looking straight at a frighteningly familiar person, a small version of me.  I struggle to parent myself, we have done the time and place lecture, the being respectful lecture, removed privileges and even grounded him from the semi-formal dance last week.

I am thankful that he is at heart a really “good” kid, I’m just not sure we are going to make it to adulthood when the maturity button will kick in when necessary and he will look forward to excessive talking and laughing that is acceptable and enjoyable in the adult world.


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