2013 Summer Bucket List!

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2013 Summer Bucket List

Crazy as it may seem we are more inclined to do something, if we write it down.  Using this principle I set out to make our summers full of “doing”.  Since my children were very little we have had a summer bucket list.  We also go screen free from June 1st to September 1st hence the need for the list!
Some years the list had elaborate vacations while others focused on a theme.  There was the year of the sea shell, the year of visiting and last year was the year of travel. 
The list has space for movies, people to see, things you won’t do this summer and more.  Children love to fill this out and you would be surprised how simple and easy some of their requests are to fulfill.  I hope you enjoy this activity with your family.  Love to hear what is on your bucket list!
 Or you can view it on my website: http://lblivingbetter.com/LB_Good_Stuff.htm thanks to my techie teenage son!

6 responses to “2013 Summer Bucket List!

  1. Screen free all summer – you are a better person than I. Wow – that’s impressive. Is there a relationship between less screen time for the kids and more Pinto Grigio for mom?

    • LOL… sometimes yes…. you know it was one of those hasty, frustrated parent moments about a decade ago that has stuck! You know the one, “that’s it, turn that tv off and go outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Now of course we have to navigate the plethora of screens!

  2. Good idea. I need to create a summer bucket list for the family and then one completely for me. Thanks for the idea! Andrea @ be-quoted.com visiting from SITS.

  3. We did this last summer (not the screen free thing…you rock!), and it was so much fun! We are definitely doing it again this summer. :)-The Dose Girls

    • I would love to think that I rock… but the reality is we do dvr, rent movies …. it is just not an automatic that they can sit down and watch tv etc…. Summer is way too good to waste time with that stuff!

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