My car should have a refrigerator! (and other car organization tips)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen my kids were younger all I wanted was for someone to remove the front seat of my mini-van and replace it with a small refrigerator.  How much time and money would that save?  Let’s face it, as soon as you start driving somewhere, your kids are either hungry or need to go to the bathroom!  (And no, I don’t want a toilet installed.)

How do I keep my car clean? (I get this question often at workshops…I always have to restrain myself from saying “stay home”.)

This is a plastic tote that is a simple, inexpensive  way to keep your car clean and organized.  It is easy to take out and move when another grown-up joins you in the car.  It is also solid plastic and therefore washable with a garden hose!

For any car organizer you buy make sure that it is secure in the car (notice my seatbelt running through the handle).  In an accident, any loose item in a car could become a deadly projectile.

A great time to clean the car is anytime you are waiting to pick up your kids.  Put your phone down and take a quick look under the seats for a great collection of goldfish, wrappers and empty juice boxes.  Another great time is if you are waiting for someone to pump your gas.  If you empty the cup holders, trash etc… there is a trash can right next to your car – how convenient.

A quick, albeit incomplete list of items to store in your car: spare diaper bag, change of clothes, pair of socks, flip flops, tissues, advil, feminine products, baggies, case of water, dog leash, plastic silverware and plates, roll of paper towels and especially a box of tissues (damn if we couldn’t find a clean tissue the other day – I had to use the tissue that came in my son’s new sneakers to blow my nose!)

What great tips do you have to keep your travels organized?  What unique items do you keep in your car? Please comment below!


2 responses to “My car should have a refrigerator! (and other car organization tips)

  1. Wifi in a car would be nice…

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