I don’t Tweet … does that make me a Twit?

twitter-bird-white-on-blueFirst let me fully admit that I am a social media newbie!  I have only recently learned that I can have a Facebook page for my business and that I “should” be marketing through a slew of other social media options.  I am currently “stumbling” through “Pinterest”, but it is twitter that I truly do not understand.

I have given it a couple of months and I am really trying to wrap my head around why I might need a twitter account. The only thing that I have tweeted are links to my blog (and I think that happens automatically). I have never found the need to tweet anything…ever?  Am I that boring?  Am I just a Twit?

I have been reading twitter posts to see what others tweet and here are the most recent tweets on my page:

@ a picture of Oprah and her French toast  (really?)

@ 15 things you should never say to parents of biracial kids (good to know, I guess)

@ From fairy gardens to butterfly kites, these kid-friendly projects are perfect for spring  (absolutely no interest)

@Does Twitter Distract From or Inspire Your Blogging?   (in this case I will say Inspires!)

@Building my herb garden pallet and using the Kreg. Love this thing!  (okay I might check this one just to find out what a Kreg is…)

Clearly, it is me, as millions of people cannot be wrong.  Perhaps I am just not following the right people.  Tell me in a tweet why I should follow you?  You can click on the cute little bird above or leave a comment below!

P.S.  I see future blogs about Pinterest and Stumble?????


10 responses to “I don’t Tweet … does that make me a Twit?

  1. I’m not saying you should follow me, but the main reason I still bother with Twitter, is that it puts me in touch with a lot of people that want to discuss the same types of things. I use it for advertising blog posts, yes, but also interacting with others. Yes, there’s the bit where I whine about public transport, or auto-send my instagram pics… and I realise none of this really counts as great reasons to use it. I’ll often use it for notes about the blog, what I’m writing, watching or playing. Live-tweeted a seminar on Narratives in Videogames that I attended recently, too.

    One tip would be to avoid the celebrity accounts, and follow real people. Search a hashtag you’re interesting in (#amwriting is often a good one), and go from there.

  2. Well, I’m going to start with saying that I’m just wondering why Twitter is such a viable marketing platform. I have over 900 followers and I do engage with them, but when I post links to my stuff, they may only reach 2 because all these tweets are getting lost among thousands of other tweets. It’s frustrating for me. I feel like I have to be on it all day to get any attention at all.

    In any case, you should follow me because I will engage you in conversation and post hopefully useful links to my blog.

  3. When someone is droning on about something, in my head I have always moaned “What the hell are you wittering on about”. I am afraid I could now replace witter with twitter! I do not get it. I am uninterested in so much self promotion. I have no smart phone so I would have to use my laptop, and with blogging, work and kids, why would i spend time trying to understand it when I am not interested! But I do wonder about it. My son assures me that if I got into it I would really enjoy it. He says it would suit my humor. Never say never. Let us know in a month how you are progressing. If you like it I might give it a try. Twitter does keep asking me to get acquainted.

  4. I am with you…I don’t tweet either, and also am a newbie at all this social media. If you notice, I have even accidentally posted that I “liked” some of my posts. Didn’t mean to, but pushed the wrong button! When I need extra advice, I just yell “boys”, and they come help me. They are so much better at it than I am. Plus knowing my luck, I would probably accidentally tweet myself coming out of the shower, and that would certainly give everyone a scare! Good luck on whatever you decide, I am just trying to manage this blog page, and not doing that very successfully either. 😉

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