Why does your brother even play basketball? by Tom and Jerry

For the Love of the Game

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYes, I know, I promised this would be about the “best” of youth sports, inspirational and humorous.  Even though the event was ridiculous and humiliating, the outcome was unexpected and perfect.

My twins, like most siblings, are as different as night and day.  They are tremendously talented in so many ways both complementary and distinct.   At these tween ages, ”Tom” is more athletic than his brother, while “Jerry” shows incredible talent for all things computer science.

This winter, the boys decided to play “town recreation basketball”, everyone makes a team, all teams even, etc…. The unfortunate side is that they were playing with older players this year.  Jerry is, no joking, half the size of some of these boys.  Basketball is not his sport, he did it to have fun?  Fast forward through a season of constant yelling, eye rolling, etc… by his coach.  He took it in stride and showed up week…

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