Spin the Bottle….(i mean map!)

images (4) The Kids are Home, the Kids are Home…Spring Vacation in New England!

Here is a fun, simple game I have played with my kids for years, when we cannot think of anything to do! Get out a map of your town, state, local area and place on a table. Have your child close their eyes. Spin the map and have your child drop their finger to stop the spin. That is your new destination. If you have multiple children you can vote, fight, or debate the options after each one tries (good luck letting only one of them do it). In the meantime, take the opportunity to show your kids the different elements of a map and how to read it (bonus education points).

You can set parameters prior to the spin – we are only doing an outdoor activity, we have to stay in a 50 mile radius, we can only spend $20, it has to be somewhere we have never been, location has to be pet friendly…. you get the idea.

Don’t have a map? No problem, go to google images and type in “map of _____” you can get an image of anywhere in the world down to streets in your town. In less time than it takes to find a map, you are good to go. Even better, download the map to a tablet and spin the tablet (parental discretion is advised).  Have Fun!


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