Coaching Mantra – “No Lines, No Waiting”

Little League baseball, May 2010 - 12
No Lines, No Waiting is a coaching mantra never to be underestimated. Any minutes that your players are standing in line waiting for their turn are valuable minutes with no return. Based on the Chinese proverb “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”  Your players will learn by participating not standing in line and watching, no matter what the sport.

Let’s face it, in our over-scheduled lives most children spend only a fraction of the time they should getting the exercise that they need. Gone are the backyard ball games and endless opportunities for exercise. Your 60 or 90 minute practice may be one of a few opportunities that the child has to exercise in a given week.

Having a plan for practice is key to successful coaching. Look for activities that players rotate through, or work on a particular skill, while others are learning the new offense. If they must wait in line, have an appropriate activity to be done in line, juggling, squeezing a tennis ball, stretching…you get the idea.  Send them home tired and sweaty – No Lines, No Waiting!


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