You’ll Eat It – You’ll Eat It and LIKE It

IMAG0485Like every parent, I love my kids.  I would run into a burning building if need be. What I hate having to do is FEED THEM!

This magnet lives on my refrigerator for good reason, I hate to cook.  Notice I did not say “can’t” cook (which is questionable sometimes), I said HATE to cook, it is just not an activity that I enjoy.  I often hear, “It relaxes me”, or “It’s so easy”, neither of those adjectives have ever entered my kitchen.  All the work of preparation, the shopping and chopping and then of course the actual cooking and for what?  My family can take days worth of planning and meal preparation and devour them in 3 minutes!  And then, in case you haven’t had enough fun, there is always the clean-up.

No one tells you, when you bring home your bundle of joy, that you have also signed up to be a short order cook and snack provider for the next eighteen years, at least.  My kitchen is a 24hr revolving door of drinks, dishes, boxes, jars and cans. I would rather mow a lawn, paint a room, even fold laundry, than prepare a meal for my family. I suppose my nomination papers for Mother of the Year will have to be rescinded.

So, when I do cook and it does happen, you had better believe that “You’ll eat it, You’ll eat it and LIKE it!


2 responses to “You’ll Eat It – You’ll Eat It and LIKE It

  1. I recently wrote a blog post called, “I hate feeding my kids”. But, one saying I’ve adopted is something that my preschooler told me they say to all the kids at snack time. “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!” I say it almost daily now. It has a nice ring to it. 🙂

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