No one signs up to parent teenagers!

I became the proud parent of three teenagers this month when my twins turned 13. I’m really not sure how this happened, nor do I think anyone ever pictures themselves as a parent of teenagers. Ah yes parenthood, conjures up visions of adorable babies and sweet pictures of the big yellow bus picking up our kindergartener. I don’t think anyone pictures the hormonal, loud, fresh, stinky, moody human beings they turn into a mere decade later. I’m sure my house sounds exactly like yours if you are harboring these teenage individuals, filled with the melodious sound of someone yelling, “Get out of my room” or “Mmmmooooommmm he/she is (fill in the blank here, options are endless).
So, if you can relate to this description than you can certainly appreciate my latest car ride with the three of them. Fighting over the radio station ceased only for them to shriek, “it’s Thrift Shop” (the clean version). My car started to rock, literally, with their seatbelt dancing, as the hilarious lyrics spilled out of this rap song spoof on a Thrift Shop. I know they thought I was laughing at the song which I was, but more importantly I was smiling at the three of them together, being silly, and singing at the top of their lungs. It could have been a decade earlier and they were singing to the Wiggles “Fruit Salad” in perfect harmony.

P.S. This is in no way an endorsement of the song Thrift Shop, even the clean version leaves a lot to be desired with language and content but damn it is funny! “I wear your granddads clothes, I look incredible, I am in this big-ass coat I got at the thrift shop down the road.”


One response to “No one signs up to parent teenagers!

  1. “Awe, he got the Velcro…!” Yep, four teenagers in my home, and every day is an adventure. Or maybe a safari…

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