May you have the kind of day you deserve….

ImageOne of my cherished uncles used to have some pretty quirky sayings… you know the kind of thing that makes you stop and think for a second.  One in particular he used to end a conversation with a difficult person, ‘May you have the kind of day you deserve…”  I thought of this statement today as our start was so comically bad that I am fearing participating in the rest of my day… I really hope this is not the day I deserve….

The following happened before 8:00 a.m.

– Daughter’s hamster is missing and running through the house

– Vet calls to say dog needs to stay another night

– No hot water from brand new heating system we had installed last month

– Picture day so washing long haired teenage boys hair in the kitchen while he screams that his head is getting frostbite

– While scrubbing his head, his twin decides to drop a full gallon of milk on the floor!

– My husband calls to say his bank card is missing

I’m really afraid to go out today…..


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