Joggers, Runners and the truth about Jog Bras


Let’s make one thing perfectly clear, I am a jogger, not a runner! What’s the difference you say, I’ll tell you, runners actually like to run, joggers are enduring the activity. I have been “running” since I was a kid and my Dad would challenge us to race him around the block. As an adult, I am definitely a Jogger (with a capital J). I actually do not have anything positive to say about jogging, I do it because well, it works. I have never found another exercise that gives you more bang for the buck in the shortest amount of time.

So, today I realized it is time, Spring is around the corner and it is time to start jogging again. You see runners will run no matter the weather, they will wear high tech gear, and get icicles on their noses. Not me, no way. I would rather jog in weather that is 110 degrees than endure the pain of cold air that makes my chest seize up, my limbs numb, and my eyes water. Here in the northeast it is dark most of the daylight hours and there is the black ice idea that makes me cringe. I do not need any help falling down, my klutz propensity is well documented.

Now the other thing I need in addition to good weather is the perfect clothing. I’m not talking about the high tech, moisture wicking, second skin type. I am talking about the right t-shirt, one that has been demoted to running status. You know what I’m saying, it either has a stain, a rip, or it is just on the edge of being funky smelling.  You need shorts that don’t move when you stride and that is either up or down.  Sneakers that do not rub, cause blisters or otherwise make your feet hurt.  Last but not least, you need the perfect job bra.  Let’s face it, if the girls are not happy while you are running than there is no need to be running.  It can’t be too tight, too loose or have straps that slide.

So today, I cleared a shelf in my closet and designated it the exercise clothing shelf.  No more excuses. No more wasting time looking through drawers and laundry baskets looking for said perfect clothing.  The old shirts are there, the right shorts, sweats and even a collection of the socks I like to use while jogging.  Let’s see if this little bit of organization will be the jump start I need to get out there!

How do you know when it’s time to toss your jog bra?
1. when there is no part of the bra that is still white
2. when you pull it over your head and you can hear the elastic crackling
3. when you jump up and down and the girls come down after you land
4. when it has shrunk so tight you have difficulty breathing
and #5. when you actually do go for a jog and somebody pops out


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