Organizing children’s artwork… really?


I was flipping through a popular home magazine at the dentist office when I came upon this picture. Since I have worked as a professional organizer and continue to give presentations on the subject I am always intrigued by new ideas, suggestions and tips that I can pass along in my seminars and blogs. After reading this description however I did laugh loud enough to get the attention of the woman sitting across from me. I quickly snapped a photo as this blog entry had already started to write in my head.

Why take something as simple as organizing children’s artwork and make it more difficult, time-consuming and costly? At first glance, it is not a bad looking project, until you really look at the directions and the end result. This project requires the purchase of a large bin, the inserts from a case of wine (okay this one could be fun to retrieve), plastic tubing, labels, markers, ribbon and the time it takes to retrieve all of these items. The end result is a storage piece that is as large as a potted plant. Where does one store this large bin of rolled up paper tubes?

I don’t know about you but it’s paper, it lies flat, and usually very well in an under-bed storage box. Don’t make getting organized any harder than it needs to be and always look at the end result… will your newly organized basket serve you well? is it easy to access and manage? do you have a place to put it? If a project doesn’t meet those requirements, I would pass, you have better things to do with your time and I guarantee there is something simpler.


4 responses to “Organizing children’s artwork… really?

  1. You better have saved alot of my artwork! They were masterpieces! 🙂

  2. love this. I put(throw)some of my kids art into a cupboard if I think in years to come i’ll go ahhh. The rest of it I tell them is hanging in dads office!

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