I don’t know what it is about a flash mob but they make me smile.  Ever since I saw my first “spontaneous dance” several years ago… the one where they start to dance to Do a Deer from the Sound of Music as it blares from the speakers  in a Belgium train station I have been enamored with flash mobs.  From the marriage proposals, to the spontaneous caroling in the mall, there is something very special about a flash mob.  Some may find it corny, but I think anytime you take people’s everyday expectations and turn them on their head for a fun reason than that is truly something to smile about! Life has too many instances when the surprise is not pleasant, and days when expectations are purely ordinary, how can you not love something done purely for fun.  I hope you enjoy the Big Bang Theory, it made me laugh today and I am sure the audience loved the show.  Make sure you watch it to the end and if you do, please give me a Bazinga in the comment line.

P.S. If you really want to annoy your children try knocking on their bedroom doors like Sheldon!


3 responses to “Bazinga!

  1. Bazinga!

  2. Right back atcha… thanks Carolyn!

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