…the only mistake is not to begin (the irony of my tagline)

I am a planner, there is no denying it, but sometimes you have to be a jumper. You can plan yourself to death, this I know. However if you are always planning, then you are not actually doing.

I can’t help but hear a very wise old priest, my uncle, saying “if you want to see God’s sense of humor, just tell him your plans!” So today I jumped, sort of by accident, but a jump nonetheless. I created a Facebook page for the website and future book that I am writing. I sent the page to a few friends hoping they could give me some feedback, when they of course they “liked” the page therefore making it public.

After a quick panic, I realized that even though I write about organization, and emphasize to everyone that  “it is not about perfection”, I somehow felt that this did not apply to me. Well, shame on me. The website is a work in process, the book is well outlined with a couple of chapters written and today, I jumped. The only mistake is not to begin….


4 responses to “…the only mistake is not to begin (the irony of my tagline)

  1. Love your blog – found it. You have a talent for writing

  2. Thank you, you are very kind!

  3. Reblogged this on LB Living Better and commented:

    I can’t believe it has been a year since I wrote this post. Makes me smile now to think how much I have learned! This year my new social media “jump” is Twitter. Please join me @lblivingbetter!

  4. Hi Lisa. Just doing the rounds of our SITS tribe to see how everyone is. Thanks for writing this post – I can thoroughly identify with you here. Just because we write about something we’re good at we’re still human after all.

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